Opening hours

From 1st September, 2020

Agrotechnology Faculty Library
Faculty of Economics Library
Library of the Faculty of Pedagogy

Studentų g. 47, Vilnius (separate entrance from the yard side)

I – IV 7:30-16:30
V       7:30-15:30

Electronics and Informatics Faculty Library

J. Jasinskio g. 15, Vilnius

I-V  7:30-16:00

Arts and Creative Technology Faculty Library
Didlaukio g. 82, Vilnius

I-IV 8:00-17:00
V      8:00-16:00

Health Faculty Library
Didlaukio g. 45, Vilnius
I-IV 8:00-16:45
V     8:00-15:30

Business Management Faculty Library

Didlaukio g. 49, Vilnius

I – II    10:00-18:00
III – V  8:00-16:00


The last Friday of the month is CLEANLINESS DAY, readers are not served.
The library runs one hour shorter before the public holiday.
On public holidays, the library does not work.