The Library of Vilnius Kolegija/ University of Applied Science renewed Skillsoft e-book subscription. Skillsoft is a global e. a training (content) leader providing its services to the world’s largest and most innovative companies, educational institutions, public organizations, small and medium-sized businesses. VIKO subscribes to three Skillsoft book collections: ITPro, BusinessPro and FinancePro. The collections consist of 56 thousand e-books:

  • ITPro – 28073 titles (cloud computing, databases, networking and telecommunications, operating systems and servers, software, programming languages, Microsoft, Linux, IBM, website development, certification, etc.);
  • BusinessPro – 24896 titles (project management, leadership, management, employee training and education, human resource management, process management, marketing and sales, communication, change management, innovation, business skills, coaching and mentoring, international business, etc.)
  • FinancePro – 3010 titles (accounting, auditing, risk management, financial services, budgeting and planning, investments, etc.)

E-book database is constantly updated by adding new books and removing obsolete books.

E-books can only be read by registered users. Contact your faculty library for registration. The number of users is limited.