We encourage all students to return books to the Library at the end of study year. If you do not have the opportunity to return the books this academic year, please contact your faculty library staff to extend the book return term until September (excluding graduates).

If you are a recent graduate you must return all items to the library before the graduation, please:

  1. Return library books and other publications. You can check your borrowed items by logging into your online Library account. You can also return the books by the post, then contact your faculty library staff and verify the delivery address. When sending books, you must inform the staff about it and then check whether the consignment has been delivered.
  2. 2. If the library publications are lost or damaged, replace them with equivalent publications (ask the faculty librarian).
  3. To pay overdue fines. You can check whether you have any overdue items or outstanding fees at any time by logging into your online Library account. We remind you that:
  • fines up to 1 Eur is not required, we will cancel them.
  • the maximum amount of fines is equal to 1 BSI, if your fine is more than € 39, you need to pay only € 39.
  • After paying fines you must send a copy of the transfer by e-mail to your faculty library staff, only then your fines will be canceled.
  • overdue fines shall be paid to VIKO bank account:

Bank name: AB SEB bankas
Beneficiary: Vilniaus kolegija
Company code: 111965131
IBAN: LT76 7044 0600 0147 2160
Description: Library fines (your name, surname).

Consumer service in libraries is carried out in accordance with the safety requirements set by the Government, therefore inside the Library or Faculty please wear the nose and mouth protective equipment, keep a safe distance (at least 1 m) from other visitors or staff members and observe hygiene requirements.

If you have any questions about the return of your books, please contact the faculty library staff.

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